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Hiring the right technology consulting firm is vital for most businesses in the technology-forward business world we live in today. The right custom software developers and database consultants can give you a real competitive advantage. How can you ensure that your Custom software development team is producing the best quality product for you while using Alpha AnyWhere.


 Custom Software Development As Alpha AnyWhere Developers Or Dot Net Developers



The First Step in Custom Software Development – Creating the Software Requirements Specifications Document

You need to be sure that your custom software development team knows exactly what you need and what you expect the end product to be able to accomplish. This will also allow the team to recognize if there are any database design changes that should be recommended in order to support your custom software properly. When your MS SQL database is optimized, this provides the best foundation for applications that respond instantly and accurately. This is why a software requirements specifications document is the place to begin.

Modern Business Requires Adaptability

How many times have you seen companies have custom software developed only to discover that they need something else in a year or two? The modern business world is always changing, so if your mobile and web applications are not flexible, they won’t last long-term, and that makes them a poor investment. Working with Alpha Anywhere developers cuts down development and deployment time, but also allows your developers to create adaptable and scalable apps that will benefit your company for years to come.

Farber Consulting Group – The Alpha Anywhere Developers You Can Trust

At Farber Consulting Group, we have Alpha Anywhere developers partnered with MS SQL consultants to ensure that your systems are fast and accurate. That’s why NY and NJ businesses trust us to care for their development needs. Consider these two prominent projects we have completed for clients:

  • Car Rental Web Application for Avis – We developed a system to support 30 Avis Car Rental Company locations to manage their fleet successfully. The software has been in place since 2014 and has now been keeping the fleet in order for 5 years.
  • No-Interest Loan App for a Non-Profit Organization – No-Interest Loan is an accounting application that we designed to help a non-profit organization handle collections and payments for interest-free student loans. The non-profit’s collections are up 40% thanks to this application.

Functional Applications that Meet Your Company’s Needs

It’s not worth having custom software developed unless it meets your organization’s unique needs. This functionality is the entire purpose of investing in custom applications development. Sometimes developers let clients down because they choose the wrong development engine, and this ties their hands when it comes to creating robust applications. Alpha Anywhere gives our developers the chance to shine with the features we need, like:

  • XML handling
  • File IO
  • FTP
  • Built-in email client
  • JavaScript
  • JSON
  • CSS
  • Powerful Server-side language as xBasic

Combine these features with a powerful backend thanks to our database design experts, and you have the recipe for powerful and functional software.

Simplified Application Development and Maintenance

Developing software that can be published for both desktop and mobile use is a requirement in this world that is constantly on the go. You want your team and clients to be able to access what they need at all times.

Modern security concerns also require fast access to the latest software updates. The Alpha Anywhere framework makes it simple to develop and deploy the system updates your team needs in a timely fashion.

Reduce Development Costs with a Powerful MS SQL Database Backend for Your Systems

Efficiency is the best way to reduce costs. That makes working with a company that can develop frontend software as well as backend databases a smart move. Experience has taught our developers at the Farber Consulting Group Inc., that when an MS Access database is migrated to the web, there are many benefits to the functionality of future applications. We can even take your existing applications and migrate them to web-based solutions to make your systems accessible to your remote workers.

Get a Performance Boost from the Software Pros

Many companies have new systems developed for the frontend while leaving the backend database alone. When the new applications are disappointing, everyone seems surprised. However, if you want your system to be scalable, stable, fast, and accurate, the only way to achieve these goals is to ensure your database in functioning optimally.

The right database modeling tools allow us to reverse engineer an existing database so as to optimize it. We can also develop a new database from scratch that eliminates duplicate data and produces lightning fast results. When an optimized database is at your backend, you can employ custom software that will grow with your company, be accessible from anywhere in the world, and can meet the many demands of the modern business.

Covert Access to Web for Scalability

MS Access databases are great for small scale operations, but if you are growing your business, your database has to be able to grow with you. To enable your database to handle the backend operations of your custom software, we can help you to convert access to web-based solutions. This will give your database the ability to scale alongside your growing company.

Application Development for Web and Mobile Systems

At Farber Consulting Group, we also maintain Visual FoxPro applications and have FoxPro consultants to help our clients convert applications to web-based solutions. A key element of our process is helping our clients to develop mobile-friendly solutions for their company. Additionally, inventory control systems are a common part of our solutions when we are helping clients to scale Visual FoxPro applications.

When you need expert database and applications development, contact Farber Consulting Group Inc. at 732.536.4765. We offer custom IT solutions for companies throughout the NJ and NY area and the rest of the world. Whether you need new systems developed or existing applications redesigned for optimal performance, our software consultants are up to the challenge.

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davem on Sunday, 30 June 2019 17:19

Great post. Very informative


Great post. Very informative Thanks
Doron on Sunday, 30 June 2019 17:26

Thanks Dave. More articles will come in the near future.

Thanks Dave. More articles will come in the near future.
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