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Alpha Software Desktop Work Freelancer


I do Alpha Software on the Desktop.

Most of my business is for small and medium businesses wishing to keep their data off the web and out of the cloud.  They wish an application that runs reliably and quickly with from one and more users without a hitch.  I have the latest A5 V12 developer and Runtime as well as a few older versions to be able to bring applicarions from A3, A4 and early A5 versions to where my client needs them.  I have a trove of already written functions to utilize as needed to cut time in development and lots of applications to go back to as needed. 

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How Freelancer Websites Work

How Freelancer Websites Work

How Freelancer Sites Work
For the Freelancer, sites work in a lot of ways

  1. Most will require a membership where they verify the email or more.
  2. Most do not require a fee up front for work.
  3. Most will Take from 5% to 15% of the price charged to the client
  4. Most will offer top billing on the bidding process for a fee.
  5. Most offer the freelancer premium status for a fee per month. 
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