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Ever get too many bad visitors?

I Created a new website and had over 1000 visitors everyday as soon as it went up.  Searching the new domain name showed it to be a 10 year old site and was considered a real good one.  Searching a bit more showed it had pretty good traffic built, so no problem, right?

Wrong.  As a standard, I keep a visitor counter on most websites to be sure of traffic.  I just don't trust of site counters because they have been proven innacurate. 

Now the reality.  I added Akeeba Admin to the website and spent the time to configure it.  Added The honeypot to catch and stop all the spammers and scammers.  Added a bit of code as instructed to stop php injection.  Ran a number of tests to be sure of no injections and no virus lurking in nooks and crannies in the back end. 

Funny thing.  The traffic dropped by about 75% where people were coming and going and trying to find ways into the back of the website. 

My take on this is, one must have great security or risk eventual compromises.

I run Joomla mostly on websites, so keeping the newest is one of the biggest helps to keeping the bad Guys out.
I use:

Akeeba Admin - runs all the time, 24-7
Akeeba Backup - used at least 3 times a week on heavy traffic sites
Cloud Flare - also speeds the site up a bitThe Honey Pot
3 total firewalls that are primarily aimed at people logging in to the website
O-Spam a Not to keep the code logins
MXGuarddog to stop spam mail
Databases are behind another firewall
User admin has to be turned off - bad guys can sit out there and keep hacking at known users to break the passwords.  especially on Joomla websites.

Does this cover everything? Probably not, but it is working right now.

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Tuesday, 07 February 2023
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